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Types of houses

block of flats
detached house
terraced house

Where people live

I live in the country. There are fields and trees all around me.
I live in the city center. It’s right in the middle of the city.
I live in the suburbs. It’s area outside the central part of town.
I live in a village. It’s very small, with only 800 inhabitants.
I live in a small town. It has 20.000 inhabitants.
I live in a residential area. There are lot of houses but no offices or shops.
I live on the second floor. There are two floors below me.

Parts of a house

attic, balcony, entrance, fence, chimney, garage, garden, gate, path, patio, roof, steps, terrace, wall, seller,


bathroom – washbasin, shower, towel, bath towel, dental floss,
washroom – clothes-line, washing-machine, drier (dryer), chest of drawers,
kitchen – sink, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven, kitchen unit, food
living room – coffee table, armchair, couch, sofa, taboret,
bedroom – bedside table, mirror,
dinning room – dresser, table, chair,
foyer – shoe rack, door, handle, eyelet, veiling, doormat, window-blind,


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