National stereotypes

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burst out laughing – vyprsknout smíchem – We both looked at his clothes, and burst out laughing.
characteristics – rys – Politeness is one of the characteristics of Englishness.
costume – oblek – Goths often wear black costumes.
neurotic – nervózní – She’s quite neurotic – always worrying.
research – výzkum – In fact, the research showed we were wrong.
slightly – trošku – I found the article slightly boring.
stereotype – stereotyp – In many countries there are jokes based on stereotypes
survey (n) – průzkum – A worldwide survey has cast doubt on the results.
take (yourself) seriously – brát se vážně – They always take themselves too seriously.
tribe – kmen – A ‚tribe’ of young people share ideas.
achieve – dokázat – We are very optimistic, we can achieve anything.
afford – dovolit si – I can’t afford to buy those, they are too expensive.
alike – podobný – We’re all much more alike than we think we are!
anthropologist – antropolog – The anthropologist spent years studying them.
appreciate – vážit si – I appreciate all your help.
beige – béžový – That idiot spilt red wine on my beige linen suit!
cast doubt on – zpochybnit – A worldwide survey has cast doubt on results.
category – kategorie – Which category doe this CD go in – rock, or pop?
ceremonial – slavnostní – They make excellent ceremonial costume.
compliment (v) – pochválit – People often compliment us on our good manners.
conspicuous – nápadný – He wears highly conspicuous clothes – they’re so bright.
cope – zvládnout – Their business is unable to cope with the workload.
current – současný – What are the current fashions?
distant – vzdálený, dávný – He’s very interested in the distant past.
dysfunctional – nefunkční – Their family has too many dysfunctional relationships.
eccentric – výstřední – My great uncle is very eccentric.
elderly – postarší – The elderly are best looked after in residential homes.
emigration – vystěhovalectví, emigrace – Historically there has always been a lot of emigration.
establish – stanovit – We used a survey to establish the data.
generalize – zobecňovat – It’s difficult to generalize about young people.
hard-working – pracovitý – We are very hard-working – people here live to work.
heritage – dědictví – We’re very proud of our identity and cultural heritage.
high-class – prvotřídní – The tailor makes high-class men’s suits.
high-heeled – na vysokém podpadku – I want to get some high-heeled shoes.
imitate – napodobovat – Their styles are often imitated by designers.
inability – neschopnost – Many people have an inability to learn languages.
inaccurate – nepřesný – The information you gave was inaccurate.
individualist – individualista – I think we are strong individualists – we want few rules.
inherited – zdědil – I have inherited the typical optimism and drive.
innovative – inovační – MP3 players are examples of ‚innovative technology’.
inventive – vynalézavý – He’s really inventive, he built a wind-up radio.
linked – spojený – The companies are closely linked.
macabre – děsivý – The Goths wear macabre black costumes.
marginalized – přehlížený – Some communities feel marginalized by society.
materialistic – materialistický – He’s so materialistic, he’s only interested in money.
measure (n) – měřítko – The measure of success for most people here is money.
melancholy – smutek – We do have a tendency to melancholy.
multi-ethnic – multietnický – London has a very multi-ethnic population.
nostalgic – nostalgický – She’s quite nostalgic – she often speaks about the past.
outrageous – ostudný – His dress sense is outrageous – I’m shocked by him.
pale – bledý – I got a pale grey suede jacket in the sale, it only cost L35.
patriotic – vlastenecký – English people are very patriotic, especially during sporting events.
range – škála – Our prices range from L30 to L80 for a pair of jeans.
(no) regard (for) – ohled – He has no regard for peoples’ opinions.
reputation – pověst – He has a reputation for dressing badly.
reserved (adj) – tichý – John is really reserved, he won’t talk to strangers at all.
(in many) respects – ohledy – I think I’m typical in many respects, I like the same as everyone else.
scenery – krajina – The Highlands have some beautiful scenery.
specific – konkrétní – Can you be more specific about when you last saw him?
street-fashion – pouliční móda – Street fashion is mostly influenced by urban music.
tendency – sklon – She has a tendency to talk too much.
tolerant – shovívavý – I’m very tolerant and open-minded.
unwillingness – neochota – She shows an unwillingness to learn foreign languages!
vampire – upír – Dracula is the most famous fictional vampire
vice versa – obráceně – Do you think women pay more attention than men, or vice versa?
weakness – slabina – His main weakness is that he won’t share information.


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