Personality 2

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astonished – užaslý – I was absolutely astonished when I won the award.
confused – zmatený – Most people are stunned and confused by disasters.
couldn’t believe my eyes – nevěřil svým očím – I couldn’t believe my eyes – she looked ten years younger.
delighted – potěšen – We were delighted when our daughter graduated.
desperate – zoufalý – Kevin was feeling desperate – he had become lost.
devastated – zničený – They were absolutely devastated when their son died.
disappointed – zklamaný – James was disappointed when he didn’t get a new bike.
down in the dumps – jako hromádka neštěstí – You look a bit down in the dumps. Are you OK?
exhausted – vyčerpaný – After three days without sleep I was exhausted.
fed up – otrávený – Kevin got fed up with Marcus because he was complaining.
furious – vzteklý – I was furious with their poor decision.
glad – rád – I’m glad we went to the party, I really enjoyed it.
grateful – vděčný – I’ll always be grateful to Matt for helping me.
homesick – pociťující stesk po domově – I was homesick the whole time I was living abroad.
lonely – osamělý – I think Joanna’s a bit lonely in London.
nervous – nervózní – I get very nervous before an exam.
offended – uražený – Julia was very offended when you didn’t invite her.
over the moon – radostí bez sebe – He finally passed his driving test! He’s over the moon!
overwhelmed – ohromený – Mum was completely overwhelmed when Dad died.
relieved – ulevilo se – I was relieved to find I hadn’t lost my passport after all!
scared stiff – vystrašený k smrti – When I saw the burglar I was scared stiff.
shocked – šokován – When a disaster happens most people are so shocked.
sick and tired – mít plné zuby – I’m sick and tired of telling you to do your homework.
stunned – ohromený – Most people are stunned and confused when in disasters.
terrified – vyděšený – Yossi tried to sleep but he felt terrified.
thrilled – vzrušený – Susie was thrilled to be chosen to star in the school play.
upset – rozrušený – She was very upset when she heard about the accident.
worn out – utahaný – I’m completely worn out, I just want to sit down.
catch fire – začít hořet – They got out just before the plane caught fire.
collide with – srazit se – A Pan Am 747 collided with a Dutch KLM 747.
evacuation – evakuace – Panicking people were obstructing the evacuation.
explosion – výbuch – She heard an explosion and felt the building move.
jungle – džungle – The two friends were now separated in the jungle.
paralysed – ochromený – Other passengers froze, their minds paralyzed.
raft – raft – He decided that he would raft down the river.
react – reagovat – She doesn’t react well to stress.
shake – třást – The building shook during the earthquake.
survivor – kdo přežil – One of the survivors of the crash was a small boy.


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