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adventurous – dobrodružný – I’m not adventurous enough to try speed-dating!
arrogant – namyšlený – It’s very arrogant to think you’re better than her.
as hard as nails – neoblomný – You can’t upset Anna, she’s as hard as nails.
assertive – průbojný – I wish I was more assertive, not so afraid to speak.
bad-tempered – nevrlý – It isn’t you he’s angry with, he’s just bad-tempered.
calm – klidný – It’s important to keep calm in an emergency.
cheerful – veselý – I love visiting my gran, she’s always so cheerful.
cold fish – studený čumák – Joe’s a bit of a cold fish: he seems rather unfriendly.
conscientious – svědomitý – She’ll do a good job, she’s very conscientious.
easy-going – pohodový – She’s quite easy-going – relaxed about most things.
eccentric – výstřední – I had an eccentric aunt who used to sing opera.
forgetful – zapomnětlivý – Grandad can’t help being forgetful, he’s getting old.
funny – vtipný – He thinks he’s funny, but no one else can see the joke.
heart of gold – zlaté srdce – Janice has got a heart of gold, she helps everyone.
immature – nevyspělý – Grow up – stop being so immature.
impulsive – vznětlivý – You’r e too impulsive, you should think before you act.
insecure – nejistý – Hannah isn’t a confident child, I think she’s insecure.
insincere – neupřímný – Don’t believe what Greg says, he’s totally insincere.
loyal – oddaná – Jenny’s very loyal, she never says anything unkind.
moody – náladový – You’r e s o moody – I never know what to expect.
open-minded – přístupný – My dad accepts new ideas, he’s quite open-minded.
optimistic – optimistický – I’m quite optimistic about moving to London.
pain in the neck – otravný – She’s a real pain in the neck – she’s so difficult.
pessimistic – pesimistický – I’m pessimistic. I always expect the worst.
possessive – majetnický – Don’t be so possessive, she needs a bit of freedom.
reliable – spolehlivý – Brian is very reliable he does what he says.
reserved – zdrženlivý – She’s not unfriendly, just a bit reserved, that’s all.
self-confident – sebevědomý – Being self-confident is a good thing.
sensible – rozumný – She’s far too sensible to agree to that.
sensitive – citlivý – Don’t mention his results, he’s feeling a
stubborn – tvrdohlavý – They’re both stubborn as each other.
vain – marnivý – Anna is so vain, she looks at herself in
well-balanced – vyrovnaný – It’s important to be well-balanced.
wise – moudrý – I need someone wise to advise me.


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