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below zero – pod nulou – The temperature will be below zero tomorrow.
blizzard – sněhová bouře – The strong winds and snow created a real blizzard.
breeze – vánek – It’s not too windy, there’s just a pleasant breeze.
bright – jasno – Tomorrow will be sunny and bright, although cold.
changeable – proměnlivý – The weather will be changeable – wet and sunny.
chilly – mrazivo – It’s a bit chilly, so take a coat with you.
clear – jasný – On a clear day you can see the coast of Wales.
cool – chladný – Our house is cool in summer, due to the stone walls.
damp – vlhký – It’s a bit damp outside, although it isn’t raining.
drizzling – mrholení – It’s still drizzling a bit, so take your umbrella.
drought – sucho – There were terrible droughts in Africa again last year.
flood – povodeň – The flood left hundreds of farms under water.
freezing – mráz, bod mrazu – The Antarctic is always below freezing.
gale-force – síla vichřice – The ship was battered by gale-force winds.
get soaked – promoknout – You’ll get soaked if you go out in this heavy rain!
get sunburnt – spálit se – Put on some suncream, don’t get sunburnt.
hailstorm – krupobití – The cars were damaged by ice during the hailstorm.
heatwave – teplá vlna – We’re in a heatwave, it’s been hot for weeks.
heavy – silný – In Scotland there will be strong winds and heavy rain.
humid – vlhko – It’s very humid today, there’s no air at all.
hurricane – hurikán – A hurricane has caused widespread destruction.
icy – zledovatělý – Driving will be dangerous as the roads will be icy.
lightning – blesk – Look at the lightning – I love thunderstorms.
melt – tát – The snow was melting minutes after it fell.
mild – mírný – Winters are usually quite mild in England.
monsoon – monzun – There is usually a monsoon after the long dry season.
pouring (with rain) – lít (o dešti) – It’s pouring with rain outside, let’s wait until it stops.
scorching – parný – Yet another scorching, sunny day – 42 degrees.
settled – stabilní – The weather will become more settled on Friday.
shivering – třást se – You’re shivering, do you want to borrow my jacket?
showers – přeháňky – They are expecting some snow showers.
slippery – kluzký – Be careful! The pavement’s very slippery.
strong – silný – These strong winds are damaging the trees.
sunny – slunečno – Tomorrow will be sunny and bright.
sweating – potit se – He was sweating heavily because of the heat.
thick – hustý – There will be thick fog in the hills and near the coast.
thunder – hrom – I don’t mind the lightning, but I’m afraid of thunder.
warm – teplo – It isn’t warm enough to turn the central heating off.
wet – mokro, deštivo – It’s going to be wet, with rain for most of the day.
windy – větrno – It’s not too windy outside, there’s a pleasant breeze.


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