Crime and punishment

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acquit – zprostit viny – He was acquitted and allowed to go free.
arrest – zatknout – They were arrested and taken to a police station.
assassinate – zavraždit – President J F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
assassination – vražda – The assassination of JFK shocked the world.
blackmail (n) – vydírání – He was convicted of blackmail.
blackmail (v) – vydírat – He was blackmailed into paying her to keep quiet.
blackmailer – vyděrač – The blackmailer said he would go to the newspapers.
break in, burgle – vloupat se – Someone broke in to our flat and stole my laptop.
bribe (n) – úplatek – He was arrested for offering the policeman a bribe.
bribe (v) – podplatit – He tried to bribe me to keep quiet about the robbery.
bribery – úplatkářství – The businessman was arrested on charges of bribery.
burglar – zloděj – The burglar who broke into our flat was only sixteen.
burglary – loupež – The burglary had a terrible effect on my mother.
capital punishment – trest smrti – Britain abolished capital punishment in 1965.
the death penalty – trest smrti – Several states in the US still apply the death penalty.
catch (a criminal) – chytit – The burglar was caught as he tried to escape.
charge (v) – obvinit – Carl and Adam were charged with murder.
commit – spáchat – There was no proof that he had committed the crime.
community service – veřejně prospěšné práce – He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.
court – soud – The mugger was charged and taken to court.
drug dealer – obchodník s drogami – Drug dealers often hang around the street corners.
drug dealing – obchod s drogami – The police take drug dealing very seriously here.
fine (n) – pokuta – Don’t expect to get off with a fine if you’re caught.
fraud – podvod – Three bank employees were found guilty of fraud.
guilty – vinen – Three bank employees were found guilty of fraud.
hijack – unést – Two men tried to hijack the plane.
hijacker – únosce – The hijacker wanted the government to free prisone
hijacking – unášení – Hijacking is difficult because of increased security.
investigate – vyšetřovat – The police investigated the crime last year.
judge – soudce – The judge sentenced the rapist to 15 years in prison.
jury – porota – The kidnapper was found guilty by the jury.
kidnap – unést osobu – A woman walked in and tried to kidnap a baby.
kidnapper – únosce – The kidnapper was found guilty by the jury.
kidnapping – unášení – We were warned that kidnapping was common here
life sentence – rozsudek na doživotí – The murderer was given a life sentence.
manslaughter – zabití – When a killing is not intentional it is manslaughter
mug – přepadnout – Someone tried to mug my sister and steal her mobile
mugger – lupič – The mugger was charged and taken to court.
mugging – přepadení – Mugging can be a problem in the city centre.
murder (n) – vražda – We abolished capital punishment for murder in 196
murder (v) – vraždit – She murdered her husband because he tried to leave
murderer – vrah – The murderer was given a life sentence.
not guilty – nevinen – He was accused of rape, found not guilty.
proof – důkaz – The police were sure he did it, but there wasn’t proof
evidence – důkaz, svědectví – The jury had to examine all the evidence.
punishment – trest – People think that ten years isn’t enough punishment
question (v) – vyslýchat – The police questioned him for hours.
rape (n) – znásilnění – He was accused of rape, but he denied the charge.
rape (v) – znásilnit – The girl said she had been raped by a stranger.
rapist – násilník – The judge sentenced the rapist to 15 years in prison.
rob – vyloupit – The gang robbed the post office last year.
robber – zloděj – The two robbers were wearing masks.
robbery – loupež – There’s been a robbery at the bank.
sell drugs – prodávat drogy – Selling drugs is a more serious offence.
sentence – trest – The burglar was given a sentence of 2 years.
set off bombs – aktivovat bomby – Animal rights campaigners set off bombs at the lab.
six months in prison – 6 měsíců vězení – The judge sentenced her to six months in prison.
smuggle – pašovat – He was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the UK.
smuggler – pašerák – Drug smugglers sometimes swallow packages.
smuggling – pašování – Smuggling diamonds is a highly-organised crime.
steal – krást – Someone stole my bag while I was in the restaurant.
terrorism – terorismus – He was convicted of terrorism, and sent to jail.
terrorist – terorista – Terrorists have blown up the headquarters of bank.
theft – krádež – Theft from shops is called shoplifting.
thief – zloděj – The security guard saw the thief steal the jacket.
vandal – vandal – Some young vandals damaged several cars.
vandalism – vandalství – I think that graffiti is a form of vandalism.
vandalize – pustošit – The school was vandalized and all its windows brok
verdict – rozsudek – The jury are going to deliver their verdict tomorrow
witnesses – svědek – There were no witnesses to the attack.


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